WordPress Begins Warning of Future PHP 7 Requirement

Last week WordPress began displaying a PHP Update Required warning in the administrative dashboards of all websites running WordPress v5.1+ that have their hosting accounts configured to use PHP 5.6 or lower. WordPress plans to increase the minimum version of PHP required to run upcoming versions of the software to PHP 7 in the near future. At this time no date or specific version of WordPress has been announced for when this requirement change will …


New Blue Pixel Design Website!

Blue Pixel Design website

Exciting things are happening here at Blue Pixel Design! Our website is finally back up and showcasing our brand new identity! I’ve got all sorts of past projects on display, an online shop so people can buy hosting and domain names online, and I’ll be adding articles to my blog to answer questions and share information related to websites, hosting, and design. If you’ve had a chance to look around, please leave me some feedback …


How do I enable caching for WordPress?

How do I enable caching for Wordpress?

These instructions are for clients on one of our WordPress Optimized Hosting plans. LiteSpeed Cache is a plugin that works directly with our installation of LiteSpeed Web Server and its built-in page cache, LSCache. Because LSCache is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly reduced and caching can be done more efficiently than with other PHP-based caches. Before proceeding please ensure that all existing WordPress caching plugins are disabled. Start by logging into your WordPress …


WordPress Backup & Update Package

Wordpress Backup & Update Package

When it comes to CMS (Content Management Systems), WordPress is a beast!  Over 74 million websites are run on WordPress, including 50% of Technorati’s top 100 blogs.  It is unsurpassed in the amount of customization that can be done to websites, with over 3000 free themes, and 36, 000 free plugins available.  It has an extremely easy to use interface, which makes it popular with bloggers and business owners alike. But like any technology at …


WordPress 4.5 is now available

A new WordPress version has been released! This one includes responsive previews, inline links (you just highlight text and a box appears so you can insert your link), plus a bunch of new shortcuts. If you’ve signed up for our special Backup & Update package, your site has already been upgraded! Blue Pixel Design Hosting customers who have automatic upgrades enabled through Installatron have also been automatically upgraded to this version. All other users may …


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