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Bob Joseph and the team at Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. are working hard “to provide training to get everyone Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® in their day-to-day jobs and lives”. I have been privileged to work with them in the past on several projects, and this Spring helped to launch their newly redesigned website.

The site is based on HubSpot‘s powerful inbound marketing and sales platform and has many features including call-to-actions, extensive course pages, and a full and interactive testimonial page. I normally work in WordPress, but designing a unique website through HubSpot was very gratifying and something I would recommend to anyone looking to extend their reach.

We launched the site just in time for Bob’s new book to be published, and the site has been a positive foundation and resource for all those enjoying the book and wanting to know more about ICT, especially as his book has hit and stayed on the bestseller lists across Canada!



Logo Design
HubSpot Website with Custom Design
Responsive Web Design
Bold Graphics
Clean, Fast Code
Extensive Testimonal Page

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