Blue Pixel Design Launches WordPress Optimized Hosting Plans

Our next generation platform and WordPress optimized hosting plans have just been launched!

This new hosting platform has been built to address the performance and security needs of modern websites. A lot has changed with how customers use our services over the past few years and our new platform was built to help protect their websites from attack, which has become a huge problem, and to really enhance their performance as new technologies like our server side caching can really boost performance to amazing levels. Check out more details on our website:

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Server side caching that can drastically speed up your website. Our benchmark tests show WordPress loading over 4000X faster on our next generation platform with our server side cache enabled.
  • A content delivery network that distributes your website content across over 75 data centers throughout the world. Visitors will retrieve parts of your websites from the data center closest to them to speed up loading times for international visitors.
  • A powerful web application firewall to protect your website from the latest attacks and exploits.
  • A malware scanner to detect exploits and viruses to stop hackers before it is too late.
  • Latest server technologies available (HTTP/2, PHP 7, Litespeed web server, MariaDB databases, etc) on new, significantly more powerful server hardware.

We hate price increases so all existing customers are grandfathered in with their current plans and pricing! We’d like to allow everyone to take advantage of our powerful new features so we are planning to migrate all customers to our new platform ASAP!


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